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Monday, August 15, 2011

whatchu looking at. fool

yes, this is my blog that has been severely neglected. Busy is a term I use to describe my life now. Raising a nearly 4 year old child, looking for a full time job, wanting to get back into school, it all keeps me very busy. I hope to put our daughter in pre-school part time again this fall. I hope to find a part time or full time job (maybe babysitting again). I'd like the flexible schedule to help keep up with her school schedule, but we will have to see about that.

Watching her grow up is something i have always longed for. She gets bigger and bigger each day, smarter by the moment and wiser with each step forward. This was my hope and dreams to see her fulfill my wishes of this dream, it is all coming true. I love it. Motherhood is a challenge, but bring it on.

I sent a text msg today to her birthfamily to see if they would want to meet up this wekeend. I am sad to say they have not seen her in person since her 2nd Birthday... Is that right? nearly 2 years? let me check that again. I could be wrong, but it seems ot have been that long. I did print off some photos recently and plan on adding a letter to them in September and seding them off to her birthfamily. I know they appreciate them, but I wish we could also see them and take some pictures with them.

I love being able to share her with her birthfamily and taking lots of pictures is the way I do that. I also send text msgs every once in a whle with a silly picture of her when we are out and about. I want them to see how she is thriving and growing up to be a little girl, not just a baby anymore. I want them to know she is so smart, crafty and sassy! hehehe. Yes, sassy is a light word for some times of the day/week. LOL she tends to show her emotions well and even has an arm folding sneer and umph she makes when she is mad or protesting against something. I love that, but then again as her mother I can say it is frustrating sometimes to not be able to get her to do the things I want her to do and to learn. Patience is what I lack in that department as her mentor and mother.

So since her birthday is late September, she has to go to school for another 2 years.. Preschool that is. I wish her birthday was a few months earlier, since I feel she is skilled and at a level she might fit well in kindergarten. I know I need to let her be her age and grow into school. I won't push her.

Her likes these days in music is cracking me up. I tend to have y98 on the radio often .. lady gaga, katy perry, bruno mars.. she sings them all. She especially likes lady gaga and katy perry. When we are inside, I put on YouTube for her often and let her watch videos as long as they are not too "adult" for her. She will dance for us and sing. Singing in the car is one of her favorite activities.

Speaking of dancing, she is starting Tap/Dance and Gymnastics this fall. She did gymnastics at Litt.le Gy.m this last year, but we decided to change it up a bit and try tap and dance (ballet?, not sure). I can't wait to see her follow instructions for tap. I took tap as s kid and loved it. Getting her to put her hair up for these classes will be a challange. I can see it now that she won't like to let me put it up, but maybe once she sees her classmates, she will then let me put it up in a pony tail. I tried to do a french braid the other day, but it was very loose. I'll keep trying because I love how they look in her hair.

Fun. I'll keep updating. I need to do this from now on so I can keep the updates for her yearly letters and pictures to her birthfamily.

I love our daughter.


Doria said...

Awes girls are so much fun! :)

feiane (fe-yan) said...

your such a proud, good and super mom. i like your tattoo too...