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Saturday, September 17, 2011

ramblings of a nearly 4 year old (very touching)

Today, Julia said she missed pawpaw(my dad or hubby's?!). I said I missed him too (mine passed in 1995 and hubbies in 2001). She then asked if they were in heaven. I said they sure were! She proceeded to ask me "Mommy, what is Heaven". I simply explained to her that it is the place that some people go. She asked me if it was because they were old. I said, sometimes they do, but sometimes they go to heaven because they were sick or hurt. She then said "or killed". How does a nearly 4 year old know the meaning of killed in relation to dying and going to heaven.

Ok, I just found out that she had asked daddy today about what the word Killed means. He was playing "Julia" by John Lennon and she heard the words and asked him what it means. The memory on a child this young impresses me so much. She so comprehends what it means already. That is complicated in and of itself, let alone to associate it with pawpaw being in heaven.

I love our daughter so! She is so smart and makes me laugh out loud so much.

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