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Monday, March 15, 2010

to share or not to share

of course we, as mothers, have or will have this in their vocabulary soon. Sharing is not something that comes naturally for a little 2.5 year old. Julia has been in a really possessive mood lately with her toys, but who can blame her? This generally only happens when the little boy I watch part time is here. Hahaha. Poor B. He is innocent enough and just wants to learn and play with these toys. According to Julia, that is against her rules. I am learning to defuse the situation of Julia acting out on B before it happens. I try and ask her to please teach B how to use her toys so he can be a big boy like she is a big girl. She likes that idea and talked to him in a semi-authoritative voice when she does. I praise her when she is showing him how to do something and when she won't share, I try not to be negative towards her, instead saying that sharing is a big girl thing and she is a good girl when she shares.

I need to go get some of the younger baby toys out of the basement so he can have a few to play with. B is near 15 months old and I don't see that most of Julia's toys are age appropriate for him.

the beachnut lets grow email reminded me today that I need to help julia with sharing more and setting more of an example of sharing between us adults so she can pick that up from us to share with B.

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