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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a day of change

Although I write this in the wee hours of St. Patrick's Day 2010, just few short hours ago we put our daughter to bed in her newly converted toddler bed from her original crib. Actually, truth be told, she fell asleep in our bed (like she does many a night during the week) and then I always put her in her own crib before I head to bed in the wee hours of each day (night owl I am).

I decided today at lunch time it was time to remove the side rail from Julia's crib and convert it into a toddler bed. Yes, I put a safety rail on that open side, don't fret. For the last few weeks we have been planting the idea of redecorating her room with her. Including getting a toddler bed for her. Well, I converted her crib instead. I wanted to tell her she is a big girl now and she can sleep in a big girl bed like mommy does. She loved the idea the last few days so I went with it today.

I know I am running the risk of her not sleeping through the night, but I am hoping and praying she stays asleep like she normally does any given night for 10-12 hours (even near 14 hours last night). Boy, I sure need to get some overnight diapers for her for those 14 hour nights. LOL She rarely wakes (I know, go ahead and say it... I just jinxed myself, right?) during the night. Fingers crossed that this long sleepy nights remain for her for a long many years to come. I really truly believe she gets these sleep filled nights from her birthmother. H admitted to me that both of her older children sleep very well. I sure hope that carries on here for a long time to come.

Change is happening in our lives with Julia so much lately. Milestones too many to keep up with. She become more versatile in her vocabulary each day, she is working on sharing with her new playmate each day. She loves to go for walks and rides in her wagon around the block. Loves the gym a few days a week and loves swimming.

Speaking of swimming, I had bought her a D.ora body swim flotation suit at a sale last summer, it fits now and helps her swim like a fish in the pool at the Ymca.

The I love you Daddio and Mommio are so frequent and unprompted nowaday. Today, I called daddio at work and she didn't get to talk to him. She asked to speak to him so I called him back and she just told him all kinds of things (many we couldn't understand because she was talking so fast). Then at the end of the conversation she said to him "Daddio, I love you". So sweet. When he got home tonight, he said when he hear the "daddio, i love you" it made him so proud of her and almost made him cry. I love it. She did that same thing to me a few weeks back.

During the day she often sings the abc song all the way through, now and she is working on 1-15. Surprisingly, the other day she counted backwards from 8 to 1. WOW. Way to go Julia!

I am working on some preschool functions for her to do during the day. She keeps me busy for sure, but I just don't want her or her playmate to be in the house all day long with this nice weather around us. I have a few outside activities for her to do now outside and I can't wait to introduce them to her.

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