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Friday, March 05, 2010

A post on another blog worthy to link to. Those that coupon will understand!

check out this post: http://www.coupongal.net/2010/03/did-that-really-just-happen.html

I just laugh out loud at those that roll their eyes behind me in line when I have my coupons. If they say something to their partner, child and or anyone else, I purposefully take my time getting my stuff up on the belt and then take my time putting all my coupons on the shelf / register for the cashier to scan. I know that is mean to an extent, but I am just sick and tired of being degraded for my hard work that saves me loads and loads of money while others are oblivious to the FREE or near FREE items I have in my basket! FREE PEOPLE FREE! I started couponing a few years back with the intent to cover my taxes on each invoice total. Today, I coupon to kill over 1/2 to 3/4 of my receipt total or even more! Shame on them for not using the system of coupons to save. NOT SHAME ON ME! I am one coupon crazy laid off mom!


Sarah W said...

i'm so excited about this entry. i tried couponing on the advice of my sister but found that all the blog she used had different coupon deals than i had here in stl. where do you go to find deals?

tubelessstl said...

sarah, I get most of my coupons on coupon.com. If you know of someone in another state that is using coupons from coupon.com, but you don't see them, use their zip code on that site. I also read the others blogs for the weekly deals at the local grocery, pharmacies and target (hardly ever shop at wally world or kmart (non close in a few miles drive) then I can match my coupons to the store deals. couponmom.com, dealseekingmom and couponing to disney are some of the regular sites I use to watch for store deals so I can match

Kelly said...

There are two local couponing websites that I use regularly, and thought you might like them too: couponstl.blogspot.com and savingmoneyinmissouri.com.