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Monday, March 29, 2010

Good Monday morning.

Today the word on the street is Pollen. No, really, that is the word on the street on Sesame Street and let me tell you it is also in the air here at my house. I had to double up on meds already at 8:30 this morning because I could not stop sneezing. I do have the windows open and refuse, REFUSE I tell you, to close them and turn on the air. It is really not that warm for AC yet anyways and I can't stand being cooped up inside with two toddlers so I MUST open the windows. I have my prescription allegra and dosed a round of sudafed on top of that today already. Ahhhhh, SPRING is here. I do love Spring in so many ways it outweighs the allergies I have (as long as I keep a dose in me each day).

My tulips have about 40 leaves to them. I wonder if they will produce any budding flowers this year. I'll post pictures when I can see the bud stems if there will be any. Otherwise, next week I'll invest in my tomato, cucumber, lettuce seeds and maybe some strawberry plants and get them going. I am thinking St. Louis is not out of the freezing zone just yet so I might wait a week or two longer.

Julia told us the other night that she is ready to go camping! She even had her tinkerbell lantern in hand ready to go. I told her soon baby, soon. We have 7 camping trips planned already for the Spring, Summer (few of those) and Fall!

Ok, time to get back to tagging the buckets and buckets of clothes and toys of Julia's I will be selling in the Mehlville Baby Mania sale May 1st. My sister and I got 2 selling spaces and I can't wait to get everything in line to make some cold hard cash so I can buy her next years round of toys and clothes. Currently she is in a 3T shirts and pants, but the shirts are all getting too tight and the pants are getting too SHORT. She has very little of a butt to hold up the pants so the myselfbelt helps in that area.

Potty training is not happening. I really believe she was on track to train, then I took on a 14 month old a few days a week of sitting so I think that set her back. Regression is what I read it as and I agree, that is what she is doing. Hopefully that has plateaued and she will pick up the idea of the potty seat again now that she saw Abbie, Vanessa and Harper using the big girl potty last week.

There are so many things Julia is saying to us now and I need to run to the computer and write them here as soon as she says them or at least on paper to blog later. They are way too funny. Of course this sleepless brain of mine can't even remember one phrase from last night she kept cracking us up with. She says thins with such conviction and attitude now it is like she is acting. Maybe we have a future Hollywood movie star on our hands. (I can dream right?)

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