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Sunday, July 12, 2009

wow, crazy week past

quick ... someone please stop the yearly calendar from dumping us off in to August. I am not ready for August. Ok, back to July. Well, Hubby and daughter went camping Tuesday night. I went shopping. Wednesday night, I went to play bingo with my mom, aunt, uncle and a friend of my mom's. My mom won the horse derby and her friend won split game and got 20.00. LOL Paid for part of her night, but my mom is now being called money bags. She was happy! I might just have to go back and try my luck at the horse derby (pull tab games they play at the bingo hall). FUN FUN FUN.

Thursday night I went to visit my friend, who just had her bone biopsy, and then came home and chilled. Friday I got up and headed down to Onondaga State Park and had a great time. Met up with some other friends there and we all spent the day at the river (or at least Julia and I did for a few hours). They played up and down the bank of the river and doing a mini body float a few times. JUlia and I had to go back for nap time and we did crash. Ahhhh, nice weekend except for the horrible drive home from Leasberg MO to St. Louis. Rained the whole time and I Swear to you I saw a funnel cloud in Sullivan and even snapped a few pictures of it. I'll post those later. I never did hear sirens go off so I guess it was not a reported funnel. Yikes.

This coming week brings me a doctors visit to the dermatologist. I have skin tags from PCOS that need to be taken off. I have a few other moles and spots I need looked at and a blood mole that needs to be sealed off some way or another. It is a dangerous venture to shave my legs with this dang thing. One small knick and it will bleed for hours.

I hope this week brings you joy and peace. Love and warmth.

We are updating our adoption profile to give a copy to the social worker who will be doing our homestudy. We hope the profile is shown to a potential birthmother and brings us closer to our dreams of having a second child soon.

Happy Week everyone.

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JESSICA said...

Keep me posted on how things go with another adoption. Our homestudy is 08/19. I am so excited.