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Sunday, July 26, 2009

22 month update and home study process update

Oh wait, did I post here that we were starting our home study again? Yup, we have to start from scratch on the home study since we let our previous study lapse by court dates. I'll keep an update in the next few weeks on this process of becoming home study ready for domestic adoption again. Let the paper chase begin.

mean time...

Julia, you turn 22 months tomorrow, Monday July 27, 2009. I can't believe how much you have grown in the last few weeks. I swear your hair has gained about 1 full inch. YOu were so kind to let me put it up in piggy tails today and everyone loved them at the two birthday parties we went to. YEAH...

You are talking and talking and repeating everything anyone says. We really try and watch the negative talk and the bad curse words. LOL Reminds me of the 7 cardinal sin words George Carlin was forbid to say. No, we are not THAT dirty with our curse words, but you get the drift if you have and or had a young child that loves to mimic your words word for word. LOL

You love to venture outside as much as you can and really enjoy the wading pool at Tower Grove Park playground and wading pool. What a great free event to attend and to get a special treat from the farmers market each time we go is such a fun bonding time. We get to meet new kids to play with and sometimes meet up with mommy's gradeschool friends and their kids (Thanks Jenny).

You enjoyed going to the zoo two times last weekend. Heck, I'd go more often if I could with you. Grants Farm is on my list and Suson Park too again. I want to take you to the Butterfly house soon, but oh the humidity .. Not good for me.

We love the play dates you can have with your friends from my mommy friends that went through IF too. Nice to be able to still talk about what we all went through to become parents to you all. Strong hearts and minds bring us all closer together knowing we waited and tried so hard for you to be in our lives.

You are really getting into coloring (or taking daddy's ink pen ) and drawing around your hands and feet. You love it when mommy does this for you and you can admire the pictures each time.

tonight you fell asleep in my arms in the living room rocker. Man, that does not happen often these days, I loved that. I could look down at your sweet face and watch you sleep. Dream on baby, dream on.

Mommy and daddy love you so much.

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