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Sunday, February 08, 2009

WOW.. if you can go, go to the St. Louis Zoo's March of the Penguin event

Let me tell you, I almost skipped this event because of the cold weather, but alas we made it. Julia and I got to the zoo around 12:45. walked straight to the see lion feeding event.

This boy (we'll call him a boy) was so loud and kept barking (seal bark) at the feeder to throw him some fish, Ahhhh, yummy he said

Then we went straight over to the Penguin exhibit and went in. There were not that many people out front so we went in and got some great video of the swimming penguins and puffins inside. Julia was kind of afraid of them when they made their mating calls, but hey, it was fun.
here are the King Penguins outside for the March of the Penguins. They came up so close to us. One even went up to another zoo worker who was bent down and played with her coat string for over 5 minutes. SO FUN. Julia was actually scared of them as they came up to the very front of her stroller and stretched out their beaks in her direction.

Then we saw the hippos. This is Julia's new favorite word "Hippo"

Then Raja the Elephant

SIDE NOTT>>>>>> I won't post x rated pictures here, but I will tell you that Julia and I were privy to two .. COUNT THEM .... ONE and TWO different mating exhibits by our St. Louis Zoo animals. First there were the penguins out front before the march that were GETTING IT ON and I mean REALLY GETTING IT ON. Yes, I happened to get that on video. YIKES. I do want to teach my daughter about how animal breed, but I'll save that for when she is MUCH older. Then, while in line to see the Penguins march out front of the exhibit, we were watching the brown bears and saw two Pigeons getting it on right in front of one of the bears on an upper shelf of rock he was resting on. Well, now we know it is mating season at the zoo so you are forewarned in case your children ask... "Mommy, what are those two animals doing?".... LOL


OHN said...

Wrestling. That's what we told our son when we were privy to the act at our local zoo many years ago. His response....."it doesn't look like they are wrestling"...ahhh having an observant child is a chore at times-lol

Maricris said...

I love the Emperor Penguins! so cute! We don't have a zoo here that's close enough to go to.