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Monday, February 16, 2009

how is the waiting going for those of you waiting for a match?

I want to take a moment and reflect on the days of when I thought the world of adoption prep and paperwork and professionals have forgotten about DH and I. We had gone through the process for fingerprinting, marriage certificate copies, medical records and physicals andletters from friends and family that could paint us as great potential parents ........then a sudden lul in the process made if so fearful we wouldn't get everything together and in the proper hands by time our deadline approached for turning in our profile to the agency. RUSH RUSH RUSH .. wait wait wait .. minutes,.... days..... weeks felt so like an eternity. Then the call. Ok, we are done. All we need now from you is the next check to step you into being active in the profile pool. Ahhhhhhhh, it is only a paper check, yet it represented months and years of working hard to bring our dreams closer to reality. A tell all book about us. but hopefully to being Closer to becoming the parents we had already dreamed of so much in the months and months since we finished pursuing eight long years of heartaches with miscarraiges and many losses..fertility treatments that were at best a day in hell for years. Ahhhhhhhhh... the waiting for the phone calls came next to see if a potential birthmother had looked and and liked us so much that she selected our profile to be matched with. Maybe she wanted to meet up in person to talk about things, but sure, she had made her decision and was also, unbeknownst to us, very scared to meet up with us, the potential adoptive parents.

are you nervous along with me?

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