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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2009 Entertainment book coupons

I am so thankful for having searched craigslist for those that wanted to trade 2009 entertainment book coupons. I was able to trade some for some great restaurant coupons and children's entertainment coupons with another St. Louis couponer. We emailed and discussed what coupons we could help each other with and WOW.. I was so pleased. We said we would keep each others emails incase we come about more coupons we had already swapped.

Do you do this?

I also trade manufacturer coupons with my friends, sister and co-workers.
I get a sunday paper each week and look for the coupons I need and give the rest to my sister and or friends if they need diaper coupons, wipes etc that we don't use. What a great way to help others while they help you at little to no cost.

These are my coupons I search for:

huggies snug n dry diaper coupons
huggies sensitive wipes
Johnson n Johnson baby bath and lotion coupons.
frozen veggie like the steam bags. I am starting to get Julia into tring some of the staemed veggies now. Not going so well yet, but I'll try and rotate them out a few times before I give up.

gogurts (i freeze these and use them like ice cream treats for her)
musselmen's applesauce (I buy the lite because it is made with splenda and I like these!)

tide free
palmolive dish washer soap
snuggle dryer sheets
cottonelle TP
new york garlic bread (cheese)
tyson chicken nuggets.
cheese its
wheat thins
lots of different types of cereal.
instant oatmeal
progresso soups

What is on your list. Maybe we can help with a trade.

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Maricris Zen Mama said...

I haven't tried coupon collecting. I think I should start.