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Friday, October 03, 2008

Ready Set SHOP ... Baby Mania Sale Time

Don't forget, tomorrow morning is the Baby Mania sale at Mehlville High School. We (my family) Decided not to buy a space for selling, but I think we will in the Spring. Instead, we will be shopping. I get to pick up my sister at 6 am and head out to Fenton and High Ridge first for a few subdivision sales and then we will hit the baby mania sale at Mehlville High School. We were at the opening bell (yellow tape line drop) this past spring and it was cold and windy and PACKED with crazy shoppers like us, FUN. This time around we won't be at the opening bell, but instead go later (like 8:30!) LOL I just don't feel like dealing with the mad dash to buy up the BIG yard toys and stuff.

Happy Shopping and finding that cheapest (but very nice) bargain!

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