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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OH frickinfrack. I have a post written about adoption, but

I am not sure if I should post it. I'll make that decision tomorrow night. I'll run it past a few followers to see if it is too raw and or revealing.

meantime, I am so hungry, but just need to go to bed. I got my lab results back from the doc and my cholesterol is up and my A1C is up (with PCOS this can be wonky) so I have to go get tested again for both. LOL Now I am being on my better behavior and NOT eating dinner past 7 pm NO SNACKS (read: ice cream) either!!!! I am bound and determined to lose some danged weight off this short rollypoly body of mine! And just in time for the Holidays too. Good weight loss challenge is to get through the holidays with NO WEIGHT GAIN (and hopefully several lbs of weight loss still!) I'll keep you in tune. I hate that my body can stop being the focus of my life for other seemingly more important things going on. Well, that has to stop now and as of Monday AM I am on track. I am doing a combo of WW's and my own low carbing. Wish me luck. I weigh in tomorrow at work with my friends in my department. I'll post my update tomorrow night. As of June 11th I have lost 11, but kept off 9 so we will see.

Good night to you all.

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