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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

1 year check up and shots... YOUUUUCHHH

My poor daughter got 5 shots today. 2 in each arm and one in her upper thigh. YOUCH. I watched her face turn blue and even the doc was watching her as the nurse injected her arms to make sure she would eventually take her breath and not pass out. It is so scary to watch a baby do that no matter what age they are. She screamed finally after what seemed to be minutes (but was nearly 20 seconds of no breaths) and then just looked at us helplessly mad at us for having put her in this pain. My poor baby girl. I held her and started singing to her to try and calm her down. I always wondered how it would feel with them being older and really knowing what pain is and showing their dislike to you verbally and by holding their breath like that. Ugh

Weight is 20 lbs 13 oz (45 % and falling)
Height is 30 1/2 inches (80 % and rising)

so she is taller and getting thinner, but the girl eats like a horse. LOL. The doc is not worried at this point. He even moved her off whole milk to 2% now. He said she is so active (has been walking since 10 months) and just burns her calories off as she loads them on. No biggie.

oh wait, we have to go back next month for her next flu shot.

next appointment is 18 months .. WOW. that seems so far off.

I had a great day spending time with her.

We took a trip downtown to buy her Halloween costume from someone off of craigslit. IT IS SO FREAKING CUTE. I can't wait for her to wear it. What a bargain too. The Childrens place Butterfly costume with green wings, cap, footies and tights. Now I only need to find a leotard type top to keep her arms warm if it is hot out.

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liffey said...

whole milk is so important for the extra fat and calories. i'd reconsider the switch to 2%. especially with these skinny kids! :)