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Monday, October 13, 2008

do you remember kilroy? you know, kilroy was here


well, does this look like his competition?

she hams it up for the camera and always scrunches her face up funny when she knows I am going to snap a shot of her.

this is her newest trick... climbing....

yes, she is a climber now too. 5 teeth, more and more hair, sassy and she talks back now in her own jibber jabber talk. She points her finger at everything and waits for us to say what it is, but lately she said the word "light" when pointing to the fan/light fixture and she said "bird" when pointing to a bird flying in the sky.

I will blog soon about some issues I am having with feelings about adoption, stay tuned. I have to sort through what I need to say on here and not hurt those that read here. sorry if that does not make sense right now. hang tight, I'll blog about things as soon as I can put the words together for you to understand. I always tend to think of what I need to say, but can't always put it into words on paper (read: blog it!). It will be related to the emotional roller coaster associated with adoption. up and down emotions and how to deal with them.

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