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Saturday, March 22, 2008

sorry for the much needed break of blogging...

I took a break out of town with my mom and her boyfriend to Tunica for a few days of gambling. I had such a fun time. It was amazing seeing the flooding though along the ride there and back. WOW. I pray for those in the floods path.

I am going to try to upload a few videos for your viewing pleasure:
sleep over eating rules! This was taken while Julia was eating dinner one night last week. She got about 3/4 the way through her fruits, veggies and cereal and then just dropped her head two times. Luckily I had the camera right there to catch the second and final nod.

This one is of her new trick of reaching for, grabbing and feeding herself some of the gerber banana puffs. She loves these things. Thanks to our friend K and her twins that don't eat them anymore, we got this tube of puffs last week and are almost done eating them. She gets about 20 of them before dinner each night and for snakes if we are out and about around lunch time. (like today at the mall when we got her pictures taken).

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petunia said...

that was SOOOOO cute!!!!! She is adorable....