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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

roly poly she is

Julia is now rolling from her back to her front to her back again to her front. WOW. Does this mean I better child proof the outlets, put locks on the cabinets? hehe.. No, no crawling yet, but she did start pushing her legs up under her buttox and lifting her butt like she is trying to get up on all 4 limbs.

She has also discovered her up and down high pitch squeal. She still loves sucking on her toes when on her back.

My baby girl is growing up too fast. Next week she will be six months old. Where the heck has the time gone? We waited for years to have a baby and now that we have her in our lives (thanks to domestic open adoption) the time is flying by entirely too fast.

Ok, off to give her a bath and feed her.

btw, we are finally in the remodeling mode for our bathroom. The first weekend in April we will be having a contractor gut our bathroom and redo it. YEAH. No more shower doors and no more yicky caulking to deal with. We are picking out the tile this coming weekend and new bathtub. FUN. Tax return is ate up with our remodel. Thankfully we planned on this this time around. Next years tax return will hopefully bring us a new hardwood floor all through the house.


Ok, maybe I'll try and get a video of her rolling over and over.

1 comment:

Harmony said...

Don't they grow so fast?!?

I'll be watching for the rolling video :)