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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

even if you are not irish, Happy St. Patrick's day.

This will be one of a few tattoos I get in the future. I collect real 4 leaf clovers and plan on adding a tattoo of one on my lower leg one day. My Irish heritage has been traced to a town in Ireland by my late Aunt. She gave her daughter and son full trust that they are to carry out the keeping up of the family tree. Well, my cousin did go to Ireland on his honeymoon a few years back and made a point to find the town our ancestors came from and he also found a pub that a long distant relative owns. He stood in front of the bar and took a picture of the name of it too. I so wish I had that picture. I might have to call my cousin to attain a copy. Our I have searched for our family crest. I hope to one day have a copy of that too. It is a very involved crest. last note on this subject: I will travel to Ireland one day too.

Will you be eating corned beef and cabbage? Have fun, if so. I refuse to eat either. I can't stand the taste of corned beef and my belly does not tolerate cabbage. Yick.

Enjoy the green tomorrow.


katd said...

Happy St. Patty's Day to you, too!! :)

beagle said...

I have not a drop of Irish blood in me, but it is on my list of places to visit.

Happy St. Pat's Day!

petunia said...

I am very Irish and get upset that my special day is all about puking up their guts to some people---some people just can't hold their liqueur....:)
I love St. Patricks day - I usually have a few corn beef and cabbage dinners, I get to wear my green with pride and I always tell a bunch of Irish jokes so I can use my Irish accent. A few of them I heard in Ireland from a little old Irish man.....
And - did you know the official color of Ireland is blue? Most people think it's green because that's the color of the whole country....When you land in an airplane it looks like a big patchwork quilt of all different shades of green. The most magical place in the world - and not that expensive.....