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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Who needs the Name brand items when you can make them?

My mom is the bomb! She can sew up a storm. So I called her yesterday and asked her if she had about 5 yards of t-shirt type material at home? (hehe, I bet on it she would.) She said she would check. Then she asked me why. ... I told her to go look up the Ultimate Baby Wrap on Ebay or babiesrus. I would like to have her make one for me to use to carry Julia around while doing house work, playing outside with the dogs, Walking, fun while camping, etc....

So my mom calls me today to say she has some red material and to come by to check it out. It is perfect. I had a few other things to do so I left. She called me not even 45 minutes later to tell me she had finished the wrap for Julia. LOL I'll try and take a picture of it next week after I pick it up.

Belated Happy Birthday to my Hubby. Actually I did say HB to him today when he woke up. I did not get him a card, no, he is not sad by that.... and he bought his own gift online. LOL See, he likes electronic gadgets (blueray something or another dvd HD player). So he got to buy his own gift online. Happy Birthday my sweetheart.


petunia said...

I LOVED the Graco front carrier we had - these are even better but I didn't have one. Your mom would be great to have around....she seems like a whiz at sewing...you're lucky to have her. Julia's going to have all sorts of cute things made my grandma.

Beagle said...

I have a hand-me-down baby bjorn. (all I need now is the . . . ummm . . . baby!)

But this looks more comfy!

Be sure to let us know how it works out.

Happy Birthday to the Mr. !

Jenna said...

That's one helluva fantastic mom! WOW! I can sew, but not like that.

Jul is going to have some amazing dress-up outfits to play with when she grows up!