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Thursday, October 11, 2007

her drinking nipples, not mine

Learning new things. I knew there were different sized bottle nipples for different ages of an infant, but I never really paid attention to what sizes and flows they were and when they need to be changed out. I never got to ask the pediatrician about this so I researched it online.

To review nipples come in 4 different stages:

# Stage 1 (aka “slow”): this is for newborns. There is only one hole in this nipple so that the formula will come out very slowly. This is important because otherwise the newborn can choke. Any newborn bottle (translation small bottle) will come with this.

# Stage 2 (aka “medium”): This for babies 3-6 months old and these nipples have 2 holes. Thus, the formula comes out faster.

# Stage 3 (aka “fast”): This is for babies over 6 months. I never used these with my older son because we moved onto sippy cups, but presumably these nipples have 3 holes.

# The Y-cut: This is a nipple where the hole is cut wide to so the baby can drink thicker drinks such as formula with a little bit of cereal in it.

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Katrina said...

i must say, i never knew about this till my newborn stsrted choking on his food! i didn't even know nipples came in different flows! he's a little over three months and we're slowly trasitioning to stage 2.

btw, i'm katrina and i have recently started reading your blog. i have to say i am so happy for you and your family, you've got such a beautiful gift in that girl of yours!