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Friday, October 19, 2007

the love for st. louis attractions... Grants Farm first

This will be the first of many blog entries about the great family/kid friendly St. Louis attractions to visit.

Today was our (Julia and myself) first official "St. Louis attraction" visit out. We went to Grants Farm. We met up with another local mom of 3. She is my inspiration! Sorry we missed another mom due to some car key problems.

Julia was sleeping when I got there and slept 3/4 of the time we were there.

I have not been to Grants Farm in about 12 years so it was great to see everything and enjoy the company of a very sweet mom of 3. I also met a few other mothers and their kids that she knows, but we all went in our own direction and pace. It was nice to get out and do a mommy event with my daughter though.

It was a new experience that went well. Something I have always dreamed about doing with my daughter! I learned I am a wreckless driver to an extent with the stroller... LOL and I learned that I need to pack a baby bag that includes my purse items so I don't have to carry two different bags. Lord knows my own purse can be packed to the hilt with things so I need to learn to downsize it and the diaper bag too.

Here is a pic of sweet Julia sleeping her way past the kangaroo yard.

here is a picture of the beautiful cldyesdale baby horses at the horse stables. Julia and I walked over there by ourselves after mom of 3 left. I loved getting up close to the horses... heck, I even got to pet the momma of the baby horse and another baby that was a bit older. FUN.


twolinesonastick said...

I'm glad you guys had fun. I am SO sorry that I didn't make it. I still haven't found my keys and my husband thinks I'm a moron. I've decided they are just gone and we need to make me a new set. But we will definitely try again before you go back to work!

Beagle said...

Awwww . . . !

Anonymous said...

Some of my fondest memories of DS are the Saturdays we spend doing Mommy and Me things. Garage sales, library visits, selling books to Half-Price books, attending free kid events, festivals, pumpkin patches, orchards, etc.

We have several events we go to each year. I try to take a photo of DS in a particular spot at each event every year so we can see how he grows!


meowmix said...

Hey, I'm one of the moms you met at Grant's Farm! I assumed we would meet up again at some point since it's such a small place...so sorry we didn't get to talk more. I've visisted your blog occasionally over the last few months, usually as a link from KD or someone. Totally didn't realize it was you I was meeting! Duh! Anyway, great meeting you and hopefully you can join our group a few more times while you're still free during the day. And congrats on such a beautiful, precious little girl! I'm so happy for you and your husband!
Jill (I had the 4yr old boy and almost 2 yr old girl, both blondies)