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Thursday, January 06, 2011


today's FB status: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.. Good = St. Louis Hills Bread Co drive thru now open! Yum and helpful for the salad craving and soup. BAD = Julia's double ear infection=amoxicillin (sp?) for the next 10 days. UGLY = my hair, it is in desperate need of a cut and color. Oh Laura, when are you avail?

Double ear infection, yet she has not complained one iota.

3 of 365
Cousins, they love each other and love to have more fun at The Magic House in Kirkwood.

4 of 365
Tea Party, anyone?

5 of 365
Sisterly Love! our black lab mix, Sadie, decided to take a break and snuggle with our cat, Ethel, tonight.

6 of 365
Our cat, Lucy, decided to m o lest Julia's barbie dolls. LOL

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