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Monday, January 31, 2011

5-10 of 365 for 2011

6 - This is a picture of the two dolls Julia has gotten from (1) her Birthday (2) Christmas. The funny thing is that she has 4 sets of twins as friends in real life so she must think this is just normal to have two that are very similar in pairs.

7 - Yes, she loves the playland there in Kirkwood

8 - First day of Preschool 2011! WHOOOHOOOO, my baby is growing up

9 My little gymnast.

10 - SO MUCH FUN. Look at her go

11 Daddy and Julia on the night of her Litte Gym routine we took Mema Judy too.


Doria said...

Oh wow, are you doing the 365 days of 2011 also? THat's awesome! How is it going for you?!

Anonymous said...

See the power of positive thoughts within you.