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Monday, October 26, 2009

prepping for our homestudy

As we move forward with wishing to add to our family, we have set a date with the social worker (our first social worker in town we used back in 2006). This Saturday will be our next homestudy visit. First in the steps to adopt again. Since we successfully adopted in September 2007, we let our homestudy expire so we have to go through the process of starting a new homestudy now instead of renewing like many do. We have many reasons as to why we let it expire like knowing we didn't have the money to adopt again anytime soon through an agency, nor did we expect to want to adopt again with a two year old in our lives. I do have that itch for a baby again.... OK, I admit, I HAVE BABY LUST really bad. REALLY REALLY BAD. I want Julia to have a brother or sister, I want another child, We want to be a family of at least four! No better reason than that, except that we are not getting any younger.

Cleaning house. What else can I say besides I want a maid. LOL I admit I have been neglectful in dusting and keeping a straight house so I am paying for it now by cleaning and cleaning roof to basement. Nobody's fault but my own.

I am excited to get the process started with the homestudy, but we are still holding off on signing with an agency just yet. We don't have the ready funds and can't borrow so we are hoping an independent (private) situation comes our way in the next few months by help of spreading our wish to adopt again by word-of-mouth! I am going to work on getting some business cards printed, but I am not sure what to put on them. Any suggestions? Sure, I'll be glad to hand one out to strangers. I have told our lawyer that we intend to adopt again and are doing our homestudy so I will give his information for our contact #.

Ok, off to clean.

What is going on in your world?

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JESSICA said...

Best of luck to you!! We have a homestudy on Thursday. Our caseworker is driving us nuts. I know how you feel about cleaning. I hate it. Our house is not dirty but it isn't sparkling clean either.