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Saturday, October 31, 2009

First homestudy visit done for round two

Today, Halloween day, our social worker came to our house to update the first part of our homestudy (home study) so that we can adopt a little brother or sister for Julia. (btw, Daddio asked Julia if she wanted a little brother or sister and she said brother!, but we will leave that in the hands of the match to decide for us).

I am so excited to get this process on the road again. She did ask if we were going to sign with an agency at this time and we said we would stay at an independent status for now and let her know in a few months when we are tired of waiting on our own and trying to do our own advertising to find a birth situation, we will be calling the agency we adopted through for Julia's situation to sign with them. I can't imagine we will be willing to wait more than 5 or 6 months.

Meantime, I am going to work on getting some business cards printed stating we are looking to adopt a newborn or infant through domestic adoption. We will hand those out to as many as we can and then I will work on a web site to help us spread that word too. I know, not all birthfamily/mother situations have access to a computer, but maybe someone they know will and can pass our information to them and then we can mail them a hard copy of our profile.

Happy Halloween to you all. I'll post more in the next few days. I'll post the link to the new 2009 Christopher Radko adoption ornament too!


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Congrats and good luck. Hope it happens soon!!

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Congrats and good luck Work From Home