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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh beautiful day, but someone is under the weather

Ms. Julia is still not 100% after a bout of a viral infection this past week. I had to leave work early Wednesday to get her from the sitters and take her into the docs office. From there, diagnosed with this said viral infection, she spiked a 102.8 fever and was just shaking from the fever plus a few vomiting episodes. That is one scary thing. I watched her close all night. DH slept so he could go to work on Thursday. I didn't sleep very much. Julia did, only after I dosed her with motrin around 11 pm Wed. evening. She broke that nasty fever over night, but it still lingered Thursday. Now today, Saturday, she is not feeling great again. Such beautiful weather and we can't go out and enjoy it. sucks.

I am working my mom's ebay account until further notice. Ahhhh, it is busy. I am honest and say I miss that kind of extra spending money, but I sure don't miss the very very busy days where I would come home and have to work ebay sales instead of spending much quality time with Julia. My mom is retired and seems to love doing this ebay thing. Heck, I got her into it, so I am glad she likes it.

I hope you are all out enjoying the day. April 2009 has been a great month so far.

Oh, Julia turns 19 months on Monday. Where has the time gone? I am loving her new ability to put multiple words together by both speaking them and signing them. I continue to work with her on signing words. I'll never stop doing that. I don't know fluent sign language, but I do know many single words and I am learning some phrases to sign to her. I can sign the abc's and then sign "now I know my abc's", but I have to learn how to sign "Next time won't you sing with me". hehe

I think her favorite words right now are "outside" and "more". LOL She has started confusing Up with Down. So when she wanted up in her highchair, she said down and pointed to her straps. I enjoy hearing her talk to me in her gibberish talk. it is like she is telling me a whole story.

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