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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thankful Thursday

My Thankful Thursday Thirteen
1) My husband
2) my daughter
3) our famlies
4) Julia's birthmother and birthsiblings, birth family who made this all possible for us to become the parents we are so enjoying being.
5) our jobs (which will be changing eventually for DH, but still glad he has a job)
6) our friends online and locally
7) our doggies (they are so good with our daughter even when she pulls their hair
8) my sister for babysitting J full time now!!!
9) Our adoption support group in town. WOW, tears were flowing with Joy for others last night
10) Friends that "GET IT"
11) DH's drive to get his degree in school
12) having the ability to deal with ignorant "well now that you adopted, you'll get pregant" comments
13) My HUSBAND and DAUGHTER (see pic)

(I did get tagged with an award so I'll do blog that tonight, FUN)

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Harmony said...

What a fantastic list :)