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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ok, that is it, I give up.... summer colds are horrible

yet again I am dealing with the loverly summer head cold. Sinus pressure so much so that I think I could use a straight pin and pop my sinus cavity and make me fly away from all that pressure in there like a hot air balloon. Crazy painful. My teeth feel as though they are being jolted into my upper gums and coming out my upper cheeks. One nostril is closed with congestion and the other running to go catch the next greyhound buss out of town for the ongoing snot convention. Every time I cough or sneeze, my daughter jumps and turns towards me with a look of disgust that I disturbed her much needed play time tonight. Ha. Dh has some of the zicam swabs so I grabbed one when I got home, read the instructions (yes, unlike some men I know who won't read them) and in 5 minutes my previously wall of china closed off breathing pathway opened right up as if it were letting hundreds of gallons of fresh air in for a party. My throat, we will see how that feels in the morning after I get a few winks and my snoring causes my throat to swell. I am going to do another zicam now before bed. Between the zicam, ambien, and yummy ice cream I am about to eat, I hope to sleep tight

but she makes me feel so much better too.....

Sorry for the fuzzy photo, but she kept leaning in towards me when she was cracking this big smile, like she does every time I get the camera out. BIG camera HAM she is.

I promise to get a short video of her walking. She is taking between 15-20 steps at a time now and usually does this when she is playing with her toys not really paying attention to herself walking. LOL

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