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Saturday, August 16, 2008

first it went 1..2... plop... then this week 2..3...4... plop

can you guess what that represents? 1...2... plop then this week 2...3...4.. plop and giggle and clapping for herself.

That would be my little beautiful daughter taking her first stride steps. She got up to 1...2...3...4....5.....6....plop today while grandma was watching her all day. I love it.

I'll try my hardest to get some video of that to post soon. Heck, by time I unload all the pictures of her trying to walk and recharge the battery, I'll have missed her first FULL walk hands free across the living room. As least this past weekend we really worked with her on the floor to try and build up that leg strength to take more than 2 steps and it has paid off.

She now barks with the dogs
She now runs away from daddy when he says he is going to come tickle her. she runs towards me (holding onto the couch) as fast as she can and giggles up a storm.


busy weekend ahead.. (maybe some yard sale shopping in the wee early AM while J sleeps in with Daddy). BIL's teamster picnic, that should be fun if it does not rain. BBQ and Swim pool.

Saturday night is dinner out with our friends who miss seeing us, (no really they admit they miss seeing J more so... hehe).

Sunday is a bbq at another local mom after IF family and more friends .. Hope to have several kiddos there for J to play with.

I wish I could take J out to Festival of the Little Hills in St. Charles MO... I was so looking forward to that this weekend but we could not pass up these other plans today. I should have begged DH to go with me tonight (Friday night) instead. oh well!

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