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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy 3 months my baby girl

Don't fuss at me, but I don't have any pictures uploaded to post yet. BUT, I have to wish my baby girl a Happy 3 month Birthday.

She is growing fast, but is dealing with having a head cold. Yuck. I feel for her. She is not running a fever, but is a crank-butt. I just want to hold her 24/7. I asked my mother-in-law to watch her here at home tomorrow instead of sending her to the sitters house. I want her to have a nice calm day and plus she will have one more day to help recover before heading back to the sitters. The doc's office said we don't give her anything, just let it runs it's course. We had to lift her mattress up on one end and added a humidifier to her room. She is sitting on daddy's lap watching the doggies play on the floor. She will recover. As will Dh and I from our head cold/sinus issues too. We all feel kinda yucky. MIL seems to be ok though.

Ok, Christmas was a blast. Julia cleaned up on the toys and cash. OMG. Her piggy bank is rich!

Lets put it this way, She got so many toys that I had to go out and buy some batteries. Fun.

Ok, I got several great gifts too. DH got me a new palm pilot. Sweet. But what I most wanted and got was an iPod nano (4 g). I am charging it now and am working on finding the install instructions for the music and photos.

DH got a Wii game and several blueray dvd's, a cardinals calendar and a Wii rechargable battery pack. He also got some cash too. Nice.

Ok, off to help give cranky-butt a bath and feed her.

see you all later.

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petunia said...

Don't forget to squirt Ocean up her nose (even if you don;t suck it out) - that salt water really does help clear out her nose.
Happy 3month Birthday J