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Thursday, July 27, 2006

so much of the same

no good ebay sales.

No adoption news from the agency or other potential situations.

Hot weather and cranky days.

wonders if I will have a job come july 1st 2007 when my boss officially retires. Frick


I need ot find a way to make some money for this adoption process and it is not coming in good ways. I am putting out more than making and it is not fair. I work my ass off and it pisses me off to know I am in the hole with trying to make money. WTF? I know some things take risk to get good sales, but man this is really pinching me hard. God Love my mother. She is trying hard and it is just not fair I can't get the sales to make this work. I guess I will break down and take on working a 2nd job again since DH won't. Sorry, but I have asked him repeatedly and he has yet to buck up and pitch in on working 2 jobs. Sure, cleaning house and mowing is a job, but I mean one that rakes in the CASH or even uncle Sam money Sorry DH, if you read this or if others that read this tell him this, I hope you won't tell him that, but I will mention it to him again tomorrow night.

FRICK....why is this so fucking hard to figure out? DO you know how hard it is to come up with nearly 18,000 dollars UP FRONT for the adoption costs? Yes, It really does cost that much for a domestic infant from the USA. And honestly that is on the conservative side of costs. Go ahead and ask me what costs are involved .. I will be glad to fill you in. SO far we have put out 3500.00 and 1/2 of that was my bday gift to me from my mom. Bless her.

Ok. go ahead.. ask me why it costs so much. I am up for a good discussion

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So Jaded said...

Paperwork, paperwork, legal fees, paperwork. Sad, but so true.

That's why it bugs me so much when people tell infertile couples, "Why don't you just adopt? THere's so many available babies that need homes." Adoption is often much harder and much more expensive than IF treatment. And where's all these mystical available babies for adoption? If they were plentiful, you'd already have 12 of them!