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Thursday, July 13, 2006

pumping up

on my way home today I decided to stop by kangarookids on manchester. Not a bad resale shop for kids and adults.. ok prices, but most importantly I struck up a conversation with the worker there about breastfeeding. Yes, adoptive breastfeeding. She was very very excited I stopped in.. Thanks to a few in town that mentioned the place as a huge supporting outlet of nursing bras, pumps for sale and rent, herbal supplies to help with milk production. So my stop was to check out their store and scope out their breastfeeding supplies. I felt like I struck gold. They had both herbal supplements I was looking for and I WILL go back and buy them there. They had the mothers milk tea, well it was out of stock but some was on order.

SO in our conversation, the worker there told me about one of their breastfeeding support groups they have and luckily they JUST added an evening support group. WOW> I I am excited. I am serious about doing this. DH is VERY supportive of this.. now I just need to stay on the protocol (prep) for a few months(today is the 3rd full week of bpc's and now dom) and then stop the bcp's and continue on the domperidone and fenegreek herbs and PUMP PUMP PUMP and then hopefully we will have latching when the baby arrives. This will be interesting in a few months when I start pumping to see how I will do this at work. My work is not breastfeeding friendly to the new mom and even more not supportive of an adoptive breastfeeding mother to be! SO I will try and change that. Even if I have to go to my car and pump. OMG.. Yes, I have seen women do that and yes the pump I have does have a cig outlet adaptor to allow for this MILKING machine to be carried about to keep up the supply.

I have suffered through many losses though my life, but with his support I will try this to help feed and nurture and bond with our future child. I am one that believes that if you don't try something you have a passion about at least once(for most things in life, not all!) then you will have some sort of regret if you had any bit of thought of trying for having NOT tried. Just because I did not give birth to our future child does not mean I can't supply some or even a good portion of our childs nutrition in their beginning of life. His or her life is important to me. Our child will be given every chance in our eyes of a full life and in that one of those things we can try and do is to give fulfilling nutrition. Sure, I can't produce colostrum .. the first nutrition a birthmother produces when a child is born before the full milk comes in, but I can give him or her many many months or even a few years of goodness this way.

asklenore.com is one site I frequent often. I plan on utilizing the LLL of St. Louis' contact for adoptive breastfeeding. I met her once at bbru at the adoption event a few months back. Even more these days I am finding articles online and in magazines about this adoptive breastfeeding protocol. I plan on talking more about it as I progress through this process.

We have my doctors support on this also. He was very interested in my starting this protocol and tomorrow at my post-surgery visit I will be talking to him about this again. I know that I can end up with some issues with complications physically, but I am sure he will be there for me as he is for any breastfeeding mother. Our pediatrition we decided to go with also is very interested in watching us progress through this process once we have a baby in our arms. I love the support. If we were in a small town, you bet I would not have this kind of support. My family, well that is another issue. I hope they embrace this with us adopting, but if not I am ok with that also. I am sure I will do this and all I can do is ask my family and DH's family and our friends for the ut most support knowing that the baby benefits 100% from this process.

stay tuned.
my protocol is working
my boobies are growing
my life is moving forward
now bring on the good news of a match!!!


JennyK said...

Wow, I am seriously impressed. Good for you to give this a shot -- bf'ing is hard enough sometimes when your body has been primed for it the usual way.... You're really going above and beyond for this child. I hope you get good news soon.

tubelessstl said...

Thanks Jenny. I love that I am at least say I am trying something I have always wanted to do. It is going to be interesting to see how the pumping pre-match and placement goes. LOL Pardon me while I take the small conference room to pump while I don't even have a baby yet. Bah