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Friday, October 28, 2005

well.... from 12 follies we sure got a basket full of surprises...

not sure how many are mature, but I woke up from the best retrieval yet... NOPE< I DID NOT WAKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RETRIEVAL FOR A CHANGE.

a nice basket full of 20 eggs retrieved. I could not believe it... 12 follies and some lagging brought us 20 eggs? WOOOHOOOO

Now the long 24 hour wait.... fertilization call comes tomorrow around 12 pm.

I did have to get a benedry shot due to hives from either the anesthesia or the antibiotic by IV, but that was fine because I slept from 12 pm to 6 pm tonight.

I am so pleased. The process at this new clinic was fabulous. The staff and all were terrific. I don't even remember talking to the doc today. I got a shnot in the IV as soon as I got on the retrieval table and then 15 second later, I don't remember a thing. Thank goodness. I woke up to them reminding me to take a few deep breaths, but then I slept off and on in recovery.

Lets go embies... GO EMBIES GO.

oh.. for one nice surprise for DH.. he and I get to have intercourse the night before transfer which will be either Monday transfer or Wedneday day 5 transfer.
++++++++++++ I will update when they call tomorrow to tell us how many embies we have.


Tempe said...

That sounds like my fresh cycle there. I was all disappointed before retrieval thinking it was my poorest response and I ended up with 20 eggs. Of course, we decided to put back three instead of two. If you just stick with the two you will probably get your singleton pregnancy. We have three frozen from that cycle.

It sounds as though it's going very well. Do you have to wait until Monday for the fertilization report? I've been praying for you.

tubelessstl said...

THanks so muhc Tempe... I need the good words of encouragement. I am so anxious! ring phone ring.. just waiting for the call from connie with fertilization.