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Saturday, July 30, 2005

YIPPPEEEE, I have a DATE, I have a DATE.

Yesterday, I called the SIRM office in St. Louis to find out about getting meds for DH for a cheaper price for the Bravelle shots he has to do for low testosterone/lh. While talking to MK at the office, she told me I can go ahead and book my IVF date. YEAH.

I asked her when I should expect AF since I had already calculated 28 days of my cycle and she said that with the chemical pregnancy this past cycle I should expect it to be another week or even 2 longer. Oh Joy. not. I then asked her might she know when I can cycle again and she transferred me to the booking desk! WOW. I was surprised. She told me to ask for the October cycle. Well, with this INCIID the HEART program they said I would have to wait until early 2006 to cycle. I was shocked. I told her that Dr. Ahlering and the ITH program director told me I can cycle this fall. She told me she needed to call me back and she did in like 5 minutes. I am all set up for the October 24th retrieval week st SIRM for a fresh IVF cycle. YEAH.

WOW. Good news.

Ok, off to shower, shop for a side dish for my friends party today and then go play in a washers tournament. If you are not familiar with washers game then click this "washers game". Not sure if this is a St. Louis tradition game or not, kinda like Toasted ravilois are from St. Louis.

Happy Weekend to everyone.

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Tempe said...

That's fantastic! I'm so happy for you.