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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

death of Fr. Lawrance Walsh

Fr. Larry Walsh was the pastor of my grade school parish St. Margaret Of Scotland grade school in South City(Catholic) when I was a young south Side City kid growing up... he was there from when I was about 9 years old until I was about 13. Amazing man he was. He really had a down to earth quality about him. He took our youth group to St. Louis Steamers games at the Old Arena on Oakland ave often. He was the priest for the team and would go down and do a prayer with them b4 each home game then he would come back to our seats and have a good time with us cheering them on to victory.

The rectory was only 9 houses down the street from my house so it was often that I got to see him driving up the street while myself and several other neighbors and classmates were playing Tag or Red Light Green Light out in front of our houses. One time he even came up and played a round of Step Ball with us. Amazing man.

he instilled faith in me back then, which I have lost these days, but I do have fond Catholic memories of him thoughout my grade school years and into high school too as I saw him a few times after he became pastor of a local High school parish too.

He will be missed.

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