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Saturday, July 23, 2005

I can't wait to have a baby! Yard sales abundant today with baby stuff

I go to yard sales, have been doing this since I was a kid with my mom. I don't buy junk. I don't buy things I can't use and I don't buy baby stuff YET. YET ... did you hear that out loud? YET.

OMG.. There were tons of baby clothes and baby strollers, car seats, cute room decor(I mean whole sets of stuff like book shelves with ends, lamps, bedding, wall hangings).

I can't wait until I can go buy things like this at sales. I check them out all the time and almost bought a NEW PACKAGED sealed pair of baby shoes, but i refrained.

I use to go to the resale shops with my sister and I could not do that after our miscarriage of twins back in 2002. I am now really serious about wanting to start a small bag of baby items I can find at a reasonable price at sales. You would not believe the amounts of baby clothes I find that are BRAND NEW with tags at sales for 50cents, a buck, 2 bucks... etc..BRAND NAMES too!

Ok, I will one day be able to do this. Hopefully soon. I will have a huge smile on the day I can go to a sale and really buy up a HUGE amount of things with just 20 bucks. My sis is the queen at doing this and has many tips.

Sure... I want new store bought things, but sometimes there is just that bargain at the yard sales that I so don't want to pass up but some force keeps my hands from laying on that item and scooping it up yet... AGAIN.. YET.

See, there is this block I have inside me that keeps me from buying things like this at sales. I think it is mentally a challenge to get past that fear that I will miscarry again, I will never be a mom of a newborn, etc.. A feeling I would love to shake so I could take that 20 bucks and buy a car trunk full of special things for our baby we have one day soon.

I will be able to do it one day.

I have HOpe.

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