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Monday, April 18, 2005

ooh ooh ooh ooh...oohooh..ooh....ooh ooh ooh ooh....

yes.. that is a title of being anxious. It all starts with having to wait these last few days.... almost a full week to hear back from Dr. A's office cycle coordintor, MK, to set up my FET dates and protocol. SHE CALLED AND I WAS NOT HOME. Go F'ing figure!.. she called my home # and did not call me at work(which I will stress and make them note in my file to call me at work or my cell # from now on dangit). She called Friday afternoon and by time I got home and got the message it was 5:50 pm and they had closed at 4:30 pm. OMG... I have to wait until 9 am Monday (today as it is 12:13 am) to call and then get the voice mail for MK for her to call me back at work on my cell phone (which will be in my pocket all day waiting for her call). I am so anxious.. hence the being up at 12:15 am tonight.

Tomorrow is going to be a strange day. I have to wait for MK's call back while I spear up the Baby SHower for a co-worker who is due in 4.5 weeks. YIKES. How funny is that? I am an office coordinator/IT Dir asst. and am in charge of getting the Cake and making a mixed fruit bowl and I elected to make chocolate covered tuxedo design strawberries. Mine don't look near as good as the picture on the chocolate package, but they taste yummy. I had to sample them before I can take them to work for the party. My theory on this related Baby shower issues is that DH and I will be greatly rewarded in due time for having hosted (me) several baby showers for family and now co-workers. I do believe, I do. I hope the good Karma reciprocates. Know what I mean? IF and baby showers are hard enough, but to host them and plan them for the office was very hard. I take it as a possible good vibe for DH and I to get good news sooner than later.

Ok, 8.5 hours or so to go before I can call SIRM.. YEAH. until tomorrow night. I will post more after I get out of school at FoPo community college. LOL

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