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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Is it really set up?


I have a tenative (yup, on paper) date for our FET transfer.

JUNE 10th is the Probable Embryo Transfer date. YEAH. I am to call with CD1 and then go in for an US and E2 draw. This will kick off the 12-15 days of bcp's then I get to add in Lupon(10iu) and Dexamethasone and 4 times we get to do E2V IM shots for E2 boosters in the almost 3 weeks of the cycle. I have several dates for US and E2 draws, then on 6/5 I go in for another E2 and US then they will call us to adjust the meds or to set up the dates for the transfer.

Of course this all rides on the idea that we can get at least 1 of our 3 frozen embies to Thaw. I really hope that at least 2 embies make the thaw. I am so scared for them.

I still have to coordinate with the embryologist at SIRM and the embryologist at my old RE's office to get my 3 frozen miracles transferred to SIRM before the 2nd week of May.

I am so excited.... It is so nice to have a protocol in hand and a perspective on when we can do this finally.

Blessings are to be had.

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