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Friday, January 20, 2012

January 2012, where has the time gone?

This year is flying already. I can't believe I am planning things into March and April already for parties (julia's friends), theater shows, Spring events. It is just happening all so fast.

This past week, Julia has really been into crafts with scissors. She wants to cut up paper and make "flying" animals out of them. She has gone through a whole roll of sco tch tape already. I love that her imagination and creativity is there, School really does wonders for her and shows me that her teachers are doing a great job.

This winter has been a crazy weather adventure. Some days we have reached into the 70's while right now we are buuuurrrrrr cold and awaiting a freezing rain sleet night. Not much snow yet this season. I hope we get some more so we can take Julia sledding. I bought her a new sled and while we were looking at them in the store, she spotted a princess shovel. Yes, I bought it. LOL Now she can help me shovel if it ever snows again.

Julia is in tap/ballet/gym one night a week and loves it and then on thursday nights she takes swimming lessons. She is a fish in water for sure. She is leaps and bounds above the other kids in her swim lessons. I hope she can graduate to Eel soon. She is a Pike Plus now. Starting to swim on her own without a belt and also putting her face under water while swimming is her goal for this class to graduate out of. I will miss her current swim teacher if she does graduate to the Eel's, but I know it is for the best. Being four and loving swimming is a dream of mine. I was a water but when I was a kid so this pleases me she loves it so much too. After her class, daddio and I helped her swim back and forth with the boogie board and she did a great job. SO proud of her.

Thinking of taking her to the movies tomorrow. Might go see Chipwrecked or 3d Beauty and the Beast.

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Hey Monkey Butt said...

Oh I wish mine had responded to swimming lessons so well. She hated them and well we were actually fortunate she picked up the whole swimming thing from us. So it works for us. Good for her for doing so well. Hey post how good or bad the movie is, we want to see them as well :)