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Friday, May 21, 2010

I won't jinx myself........Potty training is going so well

for a few weeks now, I let the little sweetie (or terrible sweetie, remember terrible 2's are active) run around in her bare naked-ness! This, I think, has helped us with potty training her. She tells me when she has to go, even holding herself. She is in pull ups when we leave the house (as she will pee-pee in big girl cloth undies still) , but honestly, she will go for days without peeing or pooping in her big girl undies (pull ups). She will use the public toilets with less fear now (those dang bathrooms are loud from the super sonic hand dryers or the super sucking self-flushing toilets so I don't blame her).

She did so well with the sticker reward system after we unsuccessfully tried the m&m training (one m&m for peepee and two for #2). She preferred the stickers (thanks for the Dora Chart from Vanessa and Abbie's Mom!) so we went with that. After she grew old to the sticker idea for about 3 weeks, we changed over to a sucker ONLY if she goes #2 on the potty. It is working so far and honestly she has forgotten about her sucker (dum-dum's) 2/3 of the time. LOL NO, I don't remind her of missing her sucker either. I avoid it if all possible.

I am so proud of her and tell her that often. She goes nearly 9 hours at night without peeing. She refuses to go during the middle of the night and just holds it for a huge peeing session on the potty when she wakes up. This even rings true when she wakes in the middle of the night to climb in bed with us after she has a bad dream or two. She has not had a wet pull up at night for over 4 weeks. I love it. LOVE IT.

Julia is 2 years 8 months this week and is nearly potty trained. I am patting myself on the back each day (along with praising hubby) for us being so vigilant with potty training. We didn't push it on her, she was just ready to start training a few months back since her girlfriends, Vanessa and Abbie( who are 4 yrs old), are mentors for using the big girl potty.

I don't mind not buying diapers, heck, I have a bunch of size 5 still that I might donate to the lady I am babysitting for party time. She has a boy who is 17 months old so he will soon be into a size 5.

I think I will take Julia out next week for a little mommy and daughter shopping time and let her pick out some disney princess big girl cloth undies. I hope this might persuade her to give up the pull ups and lessen the accidents in cloth undies. Wish us luck.

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