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Sunday, February 21, 2010

trying to be a penny pincher is working, check this out

shopping at Shop-n-Save last Thursday night.... Total after all 68 items scanned $165.30 (over two weeks of shopping I had to do). I got 10.00 off for their Thursday 10 off 50.00, then I had three 5.00 off (15.00 total) entertainment book coupons I could use, then another $24.27 in manufacturer coupons. My total for a...ll my items after all discounts and coupons $116.03 including taxes.

Not a bad trip. I love making the checker look at me in shock that I had that many coupons!

It really does pay to clip those coupons and shop their Thursday 10 off 50. Now if I had time, I would have taken each 50.00 of groceries out to my car and went back in for each 50 to get those extra 10.00 off each time. Next time I will.

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