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Monday, December 15, 2008

exposure to strep and mono and lott.ery numbers

Well, our daughter has been exposed to Strep and Mono. My 15 yr old niece has been diagnosed with both. This matters because our daughter is over at her house 5 days a week and my niece helps my sister with our daughter each afternoon when she gets home from high school. The poor girl (will call her L), had to go to the ER today due to being so swollen from the mono and strep. See, this is a new strain of strep. It starts out as a rosey red rash on the arms and upper body, then all symptoms turn into throat strep. Her face and inside throat were swollen today so they had to take her in and make sure it was not going to restrict her airway. She is feeling a little better, but is down and out for 10 days.

The timing of this is crazy. Luckily I have 1 vacation day available between now and xmas so I am on a vacation day tomorrow(well, today if you really want to watch the clock, hehe). Tuesday, DH is on his one day of being laid off jobs. (he starts back to work Wednesday). So if we need to keep her away from my sisters house because of my niece, I'll have to employ my Mother-In-Law to watch Julia. My MIL volunteered to help out so that works out so much better than me having to take off without pay.

Also a hard timing issue for my niece with end of semester exams coming up in a few weeks time.

I pray she gets well soon. luckily Julia and my niece have the same pediatrician so we know after a few days time of antibiotics for my niece, the contagious period should pass. I HOPE!

Ok, off to admire the xmas gift I bought dd tonight. Target was loaded with elmo live boxes! YEAH. I debated and debated about buying one, but after having matched 5 of the 6 numbers in the MO lott.ery this weekend (no, I didn't win millions, LOL) , you bet I bought her one. hehe..

edited to add:

I told DH this morning when he woke up that Elmo Live jumped in my cart before checking out at Target last night. He just gave me a chuckle. I am sure Julia will have a blast.

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Elizabeth said...

Our daughter LOVES Elmo LIVE. She likes to play with the display in the store and stands back and blows kisses back to him every time.