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Monday, December 29, 2008

Did I just have a flash back to the 1990's?

On my way home tonight, I drove down brentwood and was going to turn east onto Marshall. I looked over to my right at the 66 gas station and took a double look.. wait, a triple look. OOHHHHH MYYYYY GOOSSSHHHHH, Regular Unleaded Gas was priced at 1.19 a gallon. Yes. $1.19 per gallon. WOW. I was already turning onto Marshall so I had to go up the block and then turn around. I quickly got in line behind about 5 other cars that must have had the same exact reaction as I did. OMG. NO WAY WAS I GOING TO PASS UP THAT PRICE. I was near a 1/4 of a tank of gas and needed to stop in the morning before work so why not now. Yes, I had to wait in line, but everyone was so nice, no horns honking and lines out both sides of the gas station for all 4 pumps. SWEET. I scored a good buy. I filled up, bought a lottery ticket or two and then proceeded to recap my locking gas cap (got one when it was near 4.00 a gallon this past summer). I left out of there and proceeded home passing up 4 other gas stations. They were all priced between 1.25 and 1.29 a gallon. I felt as though I had just robbed the bank with such a bargain price at that 66 station.

I love me a bargain.

What is the price where you are?

I stopped to think back to 1986 when I first got my license and had to put my first amount of my hard earned babysitting money into my tank. I recall paying around .75 cents a gallon and cried at the outrageous price then. Never would I have thought that 3.50 was a bargain as it was this past summer. Hah When you started driving, what year was it and what was the price per gallon?


Jonathan and Tara said...

Nice score on the good gas price! I started driving in 1996 and it was about 83-86 cents per gallon.


Fingertip Offerings said...

Central Indiana was $1.43 yesterday morning, on the way home it had jumped to $1.62.

I saw it as high as $1.69 today. Beware!

Mutha Mae said...

I got my license in 1987 and gas was 85 cents a gallon. I needed 5 dollars

Michelle said...

Wow! $1.19?? Now that's crazy. It was around $1.60 tonight in central Indiana. I began driving in 1989, and I don't remember what gas was then. I do remember in college (1992?93?) it had dropped to just below a dollar, which it hadn't been in awhile.

Zen Ventures said...

It's weird is it not? BUT it is a good thing {I think} lol! Anyway, Just passing by to say Happy New Year!