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Sunday, January 23, 2005

blah blah blah.... at catch up...

lets see, in the last 2 weeks..

I turned 35, I feel it too. LOL I am about 35 years away from retiring one day. Now that should make anyone feel good, right? hahahaha. That would be 2040 before I could retire? hmmmm, must find a way to build my retirement investment to the fullest.

My freaking car is still in the shop.... long story for another day.

my plumbing is fixed in the house.... but now we await the carpet to be replaced.

I have 3 full days until our next IVF consult. You know the consult from the INCIID the HEART program? Yeah, that one. The granted IVF cycle we applied for and received through INCIID. (now lets see if I did that right and inserted the clickable link to inciid through the hightlighted word INCIID.. if Not, then I must go learn some HTML. bahahaha). Ok, my IVF consult is set for Thursday with a new RE in ... I delivered my paperwork to them on Friday and let me tell you I had those cool butterflies in my belly .. you know, the kind that are from excitment of something new and adventurous. We have been going through IF since 1999 and went to the same RE since then, now we are seeing a new doc to take us hopefully on the new journey to parenthood this IVF cycle.

I started back to school. I am a lifer at community college and will take a class this semester that is divided into 3 classes for 1 credit hour each. Intro to WindowXP, intermediate, and Advanced. WOOOHOOO. Good thing about having a new laptop is that it was installed with XP so I can do my homework from home and not have to go to the school lab to do my work. I know Windows and know it well so I take this class as a rest from the hard class I had last semester and the gobs of homework that jerk of a teacher gave us. I did get out of that class with an A, but hard fought.

Work at Famous B...(retraining from using their full name from here on out!) is work... I was asked to take on the responsibility of learning the vault and deposit process. They believe I have the skills to learn the process and do deposits on the weekend days for the West County store. I find this interesting yet a scary proposition... It is a HUGE responsibility of money and care for a large department store. I worked in 2 banks and did the vaults and deposits, but loved it so I find this job proposistion a chool endeavour. Wish me luck. This is my part time job on top of my day job so I hope it is worth it.

I went to a bowling for bloggers event this past saturday and let me tell you it was nice to meet a great bunch of folks. So much so they have convinced me to join their blogger group... I hope they don't mind. I am not as lively as most of them, but it was a great welcome.

Thanks Mae!

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