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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mickey Mouse Magic

Day 1, we booked a Walt Disney World trip in September, but due to the failed adoption we had, we had to rebook WDW to Feb 2914. Today, we arrived in Orlando and are riding Mickey's magical Bus to WDW now. Fun fun fun! Our bags dd not make our flight from Home so we are heading to WDW with just our backpacks. It is mostly cloudy and raining now as we drive down the expressway, but that won't stop us. Btw, we had to be pages over the PA system at our airport since we arrived and were held up at baggage check in. LoL, we almost missed out flight. This evening, we have dinner booked at the Crystal Palace. Can't wait. Phone is almost dead. Must find a place to plug in soon. Must carry camera just in case. I tend to use my cell for more photos than my little canon camera.

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