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Monday, October 01, 2012

Couponing crazy again

It has been a long time since I posted about couponing, but I am back at it. I use to post on another blog, but I'll keep it here since I use this one the most (which has been less and less each year).

This past week I went into Target with my list for shopping for Julia's Birthday party and a few other household sundries. It has been at least 6-8 weeks since I had really shopped .. out of TP, napkins, paper towels..etc. So I go in, do my coupon shopping and found a few good stackable coupon deals and proceeded to check out. This guy behind me pulled his cart up and immediately let out a sigh. Oh boy, here we go. I started to unload my FULL cart (dog food, cat liter, some food, etc...) and he then rolls his eyes with a huge sigh as soon as I pulled out my coupons (nice and neatly in order and facing forward for the sweet cashier, who loved that I was couponing. Admit it, you don't find those cashiers very often!!!)   I gave him a look and proceeded to check out with my reusable bags too. chaching!

I came home and thought about his rediculous actions and posted this on Fa ce book! 

To the guy behind me in line at Target; Roll your eyes all you want at me, but my couponing just saved me over 35 bucks!!!! At least I am not an extreme couponer or else you a@@ would be waiting in line still. Hahaha

hahahahahahaha! I bet he has never couponed in life and does not know how much you can really save with little effort of clipping a few good coupons. :)

By the way, We had a lovely Birthday celebration this past weekend for J and she is so proud she is now a 5 year old. WOW... how the time has flown. I'll post a few pictures soon. 

I hope we can catch up with her birthmother and birthfamily soon. I sure miss them. More on that later. 

Cheers to couponing and saving money towards our Disney vacation soon. 

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Hey Monkey Butt said...

That couponing can turn into a full time job and it's a little frustrating at times to get behind them in line. If you're in a hurry. But they're saving lots of money and making me green with envy! Good for you lady!!