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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Giving referrals for our Adoption Agency

A Gift of Hope Adoptions asked us if they could use us as a contact for future referrals after we adopted Julia. Of course we said YES! AGOHA's  is a wonderful Adoption Agency in central Missouri. Every once in a while we  will get an email from a perspective couple asking us questions about AGOHA's and how our experience went with them while going through adoption and post placement. We are glad to provide our account of how we felt, dealt with and embraced adoption in our lives through our experience with AGOHA's. I am glad to be able to help another couple decide if they want to build their family and especially if they decide to sign with our agency too! Today I opened that email back from a couple that did decide to go with AGOHA's and I am proud to feel we helped them in a HUGE decision of their lives now and coming in the future. I wish the the best journey and hope they can have a successful match, placement and finalization in their near future.

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