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Saturday, February 25, 2012

check these out, baby bottle holders

moms ebay sales sidneyray0 (you may need to be logged in to see her list, but just search for baby bottle holder john lennon or baseball or blue bubble.

My mom sells these on Ebay and has really started picking up business again. Homemade! I know, not everyone feels these are a great item, but let me tell you from experience, they work so well. http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

I started making these with my mom when we first started our paperwork for the agency to pursue adoption. It really did help fund parts of our adoption costs such as finger prints, background checks, co pays for physicals and tb tests, etc....

I love that my mom took these over and is still selling them. Great for moms of multiples too since they don't have 10 hands. Never leave a baby unattended with these, they are a mother's helper instead.

My mom, grandma of 7, now uses these sales for the 7 grandkids to help pay for special things like sports equipment, uniforms, school tuition (one of my nieces is in college and grandma helped her with book fees). :)

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