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Saturday, June 04, 2011

The love of a daughter and getting inked

Today, I wake up a bit nervous. I am prepping my nerves for the pain of getting inked for the first time. yes, inked, tattooed. I am having the adoption symbol of the triangle and heart entwined on my calf. In the design, I asked Jamie Toon to add in a celtic knot design. I am excited! I trust he will do a great job. I know and have been told that once I get inked it will be a new addiction to wanting to get inked again and again. I can't say I would do full out sleeve work on arms and legs, but I do admire a friend for having hers done and more. Next, a nose stud and some more earring piercings. And them maybe some more ink and them more piercings. LOL Yes, more.

This morning, while catching up on emails and such, my beautiful daughter woke up (after 11 hours of sleep), walked into the room and just smiled at me. I love a happy face on her in the morning. Great night sleep does that for her usually! She then asked me where her cousin, megan was. I told her that they were at home and we would see her later today (see, I watch my two nieces and nephew this summer so she thinks they should be here 24/7. haha). Later today is a trip we will be making to the local private schools annual picnic. They have fun kiddie rides and I so want to take Julia up there. It will bring back so many memories of when I was a kid and went to carnivals. I promise pictures to come!

For now, here are a few pics from this Spring, Summer 2011.


Doria said...

OoOooo getting inked is fun?!! HOw was it if you've already done it?

tubelessstl said...

The inking itself was a bit painful, but tolerable knowing I spent 9 years with infertility treatments and needles of hormones being put in me... LOL Adding those all up and comparing it to the pain of the tattoo, I'd say the infertility needles hurt worse. LOL