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Monday, January 25, 2010

2 years 4 months old, she is!

I want to see her grow up, but yet I don't want time to pass so quickly. We waited so long to see her this little and I want her to stay my baby girl, my sweetheart; forever. She so deserves to grow big and strong and yet I want her to stay my little girl. I have given into the fact she is a toddler and not a baby (infant) anymore. Ha

She still calls hubby Daddio.
She is now crying when I put her to bed. This was never a problem before.
She is wearing a size 3T clothes and a size 7 or 7.5 shoe.
Today she spent a few hours with memaw carol while I went to the MO careers office to do my obligatory every 4 week check in and profile build.
She cried when memaw left.
She spent over 45 minutes sitting on her potty chair. (no, no production on there yet to celebrate).
She is in a gym class at the local YMCA and loves it.
She will have another adjustment when I start babysitting a little boy (friend of the family) in March.
She loved the day she spent with her cousin Friday. :)
She loves LOVES her stuffed animals. I'll have to try and get a picture of her crib later to show you.

There are so many things we keep saying we will write down that she says. One thing we are working on is she tells us what she wants and then says NOW at the end of the sentence. Oh boy, that will be stopping soon. I guess that was a bad habit she picked up from her cousins at my sisters (former babysitter to Julia). LOL

Swimming at the YMCA each week is one of her favorite things to do. We try and go up at least 2 times a week, but this week we missed it. I promise to take her again Friday evening. I need to find a new swim suit for her. The 3T I have for her is getting tight.

Her favorite food right now is Turkey dogs (hot dogs). She ate two the other day.

We need to put a lock up high on the screen doors to the house and the bathroom door. Can't get a minute of peace in there alone when she is awake.

She wants to go see Mickey Mouse. Ut-Oh. Looks like I need to start a savings plan for Walt Disney World for 2011. I think she will be old enough by then.

As we were eating dinner tonight, Julia came over to Daddio and called him by his first name. "Jeff, blah blah blah"... LOL Bahahahahaa She mimic'd me talking to him.

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